Telemarketing-Not just a job but an adventure….

I work part time as a “verifier”  I think that is what they call it.  “They” being the event company that I work part-time for.  I am giving a list of businesses with name, phone number, address and a bunch of other information that I am suppose to verify.  For this, I get paid $9.00 per hour.  Don’t judge…please.  First of all, let’s get this straight, I hate this job.  I was told it was going to last 3 weekends but now it seems endless.  I call the business and tell them my name and where I am calling from and say that I would like to verify the mailing address.  Several things could happen after that.  The person says “WHAT?”, the person hangs up, the person says “let me get the manager” or the most intelligent will kindly answer yes that is our address or no it is not the right address.  I don’t want to call you, I am just trying to earn some extra money.  I want to talk to you way less than you want to talk to me.  However, if I do happen to call you, just let me do my thing and tell me yes or no.  It is far less painful for us both.  I have called well over 1,000 businesses in the past 3 weeks.  Hotels are usually the best to call because the people are mostly professional UNLESS you get a “mom and pop” type hotel.  Then watch out.  Mostly foreigners who can barely speak English and act very suspicious when you ask to verify the address.  It ‘s nothing I can’t look up on the internet-this company has hired me to call so I am calling.  Waffle House is also a great place to call.  Very nice and polite people so far.  Any kind of oriental restaurant is hit and miss.  Most of those places slam the phone down.  Chain pizza places are fun to call.  The person is all excited and tells you the specials and ask if it is delivery or carry out.  Some people mumble so bad I can’t make out a word they are saying.  I think an owner of a business should make calls to their restaurants and see how people act on the phone.  Some of these people I know I would not go to because of the way I am treated on the phone. I know. everyone HATES telemarketers but I am not trying to sell you a thing, just asking to verify the business address.  Give me a break when I call PLEASE!!!!