What were they thinking?

I like to watch American Idol.  I swore last year that if they brought back that person known as Nikki I would not watch it anymore.  In fact, I did not watch it as much last year because of Nikki and Mariah.  I was not at all pleased to see JLo come back because I do not think she is in any way, shape or form a musician.  A dancer yes.  A musician?  A big NO!  Anyway, I guess she liked that one guy because he reminds her of “Wanda” from “In Living Colour”  I know he does me.  Yes, he can sing but NO he is not American Idol material.  There might be “3” choices that I agreed with.  I only like one of the girls-I think her name is Jena?  She is good.  The rest of them…go all the way home…now….the miley cyrus wanna-be don’t even know WHY she has gotten as far as she has.  On a positive note, I love how goofy Ryan Seacrest is.  I mean, he is such a DORK!  “Dork” is a term of endearment coming from me.  I call my son a “dork” all of the time even though he is a genius.  Yes, he really is.  Anyway, I can’t remember if American Idol is on tonight or not.  Let me check…oh I guess it’s on next Wednesday.  We missed the episode on Tuesday night because I did not know it was on therefore I watched Criminal Minds.  Anyway, I watched some of Duck Dynasty after AI and tried to watch Wahlburgers but I kept falling asleep.  I love the Wahlburgers show.  I just really have always liked Mark Wahlburg.  I know he has a bad past but hey, so do I so who am I to judge?  I never saw TED though.  I like his action pictures and one of my favorite movies is Invincible.  Love that one.  I am rambling….My favorites…Jena and Caleb.